Xantham Gum

Xanthan Gum
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Created during the fermentation process of glucose or sucrose, Xanthan Gum is an interesting byproduct that has become most commonly used to increase the viscosity of liquid. In other words, it is a great thickener for your liquid blends. Within the commercial industry it is often found in salad dressing and sauces; xanthan gum is what allows the liquid to pour after it has been shaken and then grow more solid once it settles on your plate or in the bottle. It is also used to create textures in ice cream and within gluten-free baking to make gluten-free dough easier to work in the same fashion as wheat based flours. The cosmetics industry has also picked up on the use of Xanthan Gum, using very small amounts to help ensure that ingredients do not separate.

Within spiritual and herbal practices, this translates into a very useful tool for creating your own formulas, scents, lotions, and bath washes. A small amount of xanthan gum powder can help bind ingredients together and keep them from separating once you place them in the pantry or your bath's shelves.

This is a 1 oz packet of Xanthan Gum powder.

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