Witches Grass

Witches Graas
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Also found under the names of Panicum capillare, Hair Grass, Panic Grass, Tickle Grass, and Tumble Grass, Witches Grass is actually related to the famed tumble weed. Native to North America, it is considered among many to be an invasive weed that grows in sandy or gravelly terrain, in dry conditions, and can reach a height of 1 to 3 feet tall, and possesses very few branches.  Outside of this reputation of being somewhat of a nuisance, Witches Grass has also long had a reputation for possessing spiritual properties.  In mystic and occult traditions, Witches Grass is often seen to be an herb related to the sign of Jupiter, and is therefore often used in rituals either as a representation of Jupiter or in seeking to achieve some of the sign`s powers. Often this results in the plant being used in spells that are seeking happiness, better luck, or some other manner of aid in overcoming your obstacles. Also sometimes used in aiding exorcisms.  This is a 2oz packet of cut Witches Grass.

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