Wild Cherry Cut

Wild Cherry Cut
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Native to the central and northern parts of the North America, wild cherry bark, or Prunus serotina, has long been known by Native Americans as a potent medicinal plant, but only came into widespread use in the 1800s, when European immigrants and settlers brought it back to catch on in Europe. It was then that it began seeing widespread use as an aid in the treatment of coughs, particularly those of the spasmodic variety that interrupts sleep and could otherwise cause further complication in the treatment of wounds and illness.   These days, the wild cherry bark is often utilized in modern cough syrups, as it has been found to sedate the cough reflex. This is particularly useful in treating dry, nonproductive coughs that occur in a wide array of respiratory conditions, particularly those that disrupt and prevent sleep. By itself, it is also often used with other herbs in the treatment of asthma, and similar such breathing disorders. Wild cherry bark has also been found by some herbalists to be quite helpful in stimulating sluggish digestion and appetite.    This is a 2oz packet of cut Wild Cherry bark.

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