Triquetra Egyptian Lotus Incense Burner

Triquetra Egyptian Lotus Incense Burner
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This unique incense burner almost appears to be a stylized chalice or cup within its ornate design, which features a wide basin taking on the appearance of a lotus blossom, supported by flaring accents suggestive of the wings of Isis as seen in many Egyptian carvings and artistry. All of this is tied together with symbol of the Celtic Triquetra, engraved into the front and back surfaces.

All of the symbolism comes together in much the way that neo-pagan faith of today blends so many different traditions. The lotus blossom represents the unfolding petals of enlightenment and wisdom, while the Wings of Isis represent the feminine divine in one of her most ancient and powerful incarnations, and the Triquetra represents Mind, Body, and Spirit, or the Mother, Maiden, and Crone. The results is a fantastic brass piece for your altar, perfect for burning your favorite cone, resin, or granular incense in ritual practice.

The piece measures approximately 7 1/2" wide at its widest point and 6" tall

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