Tonka Bean

Tonka Bean
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With an appearance that is black and wrinkled, and somewhat resembling a prune, Tonka Beans, or Dipteryx odorata, are actually the seed pods of a South American Tree. They are widely recognized for their sweet, vanilla-smelling fragrance that reminds some, somewhat, of the earth scent of hay. This smell actually comes from the chemical coumarin that forms naturally within the seeds, and can sometimes be observed in what appears to be a white sand or powder upon them. This fermented chemical was long used as an alternative to actual vanilla in perfumes, as well as in a flavoring for tobacco. It was also used sometimes as an addition to foods, particularly in French dishes, though the United States Food and Drug Administration now prohibits its use in culinary practices; coumarin is an anticoagulant, and can keep blood from clotting. In a large enough doses it is potentially lethal. It is also said to be of great use in money spells, seeking to attract love. Others sometimes see it as useful in building courage, and within these purposes it is still sometime used as a flavor additive to South American Pipe Tobacco.   This is a 1 oz packet of whole Tonka Beans.

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