Tetragrammaton Sterling Silver pendant

Tetragrammaton Sterling Silver pendant
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The four letter tetragrammaton (literally, 'four letters') is the true name of the God of the Hebrew scriptures. Its pronunciation is considered to have great power, and is never spoken aloud, save for once a year, in the inner sanctuary of the Temple during the rites of Yom Kippur. In written scripture, it is given the vowel markings and pronunciation of the word Adonai, lord, leading to the common Christian mispronunciation of the name as Jehovah. It is commonly referred to as "HaShem," the name.
The tetragrammaton is central to the doctrines of both the Jewish and Esoteric Kabbalistic traditions, where it is equivalent to the four worlds of creation, the four elements, the four archangels, and the four cardinal directions.

The four weapons of Ritual magick symbolize the essence of the letters of the tetragrammaton; these also form the basis for the four suits in a deck of Tarot cards.

This sterling silver amulet measures 3/4" in diameter, no chain is included with this piece

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