Sulfer Powder Brimstone

Sulfer Powder Brimstone
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Sulfer Powder has been known in its natural form since the 6th century BC among in China. With the evolution of traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese Taoists began to experiment in using it in their treatments and understanding of the world. Reference was also found from a later Song Dynasty Military Treatise, which speaks of many different formulas in which Sulfer Powder was used to create Black Powder which was in turned used in warfare. In Europe, Sulfer was valued highly enough to be given its own Alchemical Symbol, consisting of a triangle at the top of a cross. It was also well known as Brimstone, a word derived from biblical texts, and was often associated with damnation and hell. Spiritual traditions exist around Sulfer as well, depicting it as a powerful aid in preventing hexes or destroying an enemy's power over you.

Herbalists and folk lore predating modern science holds sulfur powder to be a potent medical skin treatment. For this purpose it was usually used in the creation of a cream which was intended to alleviate psoriasis, eczema, and acne.

This is a 2 oz packet of Sulfer Powder

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