Stone and Crystal Set Large

Stone and Crystal Set Large
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 Whether you have a love for the beauty found in the stones given up by the earth
or a student of the energetic and spiritual properties of gemstones and
crystals, this set of 20 Mixed Stones will be an absolute treasure. Containing
more common stones like smoky quartz, amethyst and aquamarine, and emerald, you
can also find lesser known names like kyanite, calcite, and lepidolite.

Beautiful to simply look upon, they are wonderful decorations for the
home, sacred space and classroom. With each being approximately 2" to 3" in
length or diameter and in raw forms, you can also feel the energetic, spiritual
qualities of these magnificent stones without touching them. Place them about
your home to help align the flow of energy to create a balanced, healthy
atmosphere or use them in your healing practices and ritual magic to help
empower your craft to new heights.

Each package contains sodalite
quartz, amazonite, smoky quartz, tiger eye, rose quartz, zebra jasper, mexico
orange calcite, amethyst, aquamarine, red jasper, blue kyanite, emerald,
crystal, lepidolite, optic calcite, agate geode, yellow mica, tourmaline,
fuchsite, and apatite. These are available at these prices only for a limited
time, so get them while you can!

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