Solomons Seal Root

Solomon Seal Root
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A relative Lily of the Valley, Solomon's Seal is popular in gardens, and is native to Northern Europe and Siberia. It gets its name from the fact that when the root is cut traversely, markings can be observed within the fibers that somewhat resemble Hebrew script. This resulted in the rise of folklore that believed that King Solomon himself observed the value of this root to man and medicine, and so set his seal to it as testimony to its value. The root was indeed also applied to medicinal purposes, and was used often as a treatment for consumption (known today as tuberculosis). In spiritual traditions, the root is sometime associated with having properties similar to actual magical seals for the purposes of spells and rituals. Herbalist traditions find Solomon's Seal Root useful as a tonic for aiding with digestive issues, including inflammation of the stomach and bowels, and even dysentery. The root is also sometimes powdered and used in a poultice that is used for aiding in the treatment of bruises, piles, general inflammation, as well as cuts and sores. This is a 1 oz packet of cut Solomon's Seal root.

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