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Embracing the wisdom of the Wise Woman, SageWoman Magazine's issue number 82 is here! Celebrating the goddess in every one, this issue focuses on the wisdom of the Crone and all that the wise women in our life can offer us. Filled to the brim with columns and poetry, this issue of SageWoman Magazine includes the featured articles:

  • Grandmother and Child: Re-connecting to the Divine Light - By Sharon HargettBy looking deeply into the eyes of children, we can remember who we are, rather than who we've become.
  • Ambassadors of Love - by Jen McConnelBetween the influences of the two beautiful Crones in my family, I spent my childhood surrounded by majestic women.
  • Snowy Blossoms of a Second Spring - by Bee Smith As I write this I can see the lacy blossom of hawthorn from my window. The blossom reminds me of the Goddess card I drew this morning. Croning is not a second youth, but it isa re-enlivening, at least for me.
  • There's an Old Woman I am Beginning to Know - by Susan WeedShe-who-keeps-her-wise-blood-inside moves to her own inner rhythms as menopause winds down and the scintillating sixties come into view. How can we Crones keep ourselves hale-hearted, strong-boned, and vibrantly sensuous?
  • Secret Lives: Always Remember who you are - Interview with Barbara Ardinger by Melony Hudson Secret Livesis a fantastical novel of magical realism featuring the adventures of a coven of colorful crones. We interview Barbara Ardinger; author, editor, and the creator of this rollicking magical adventure.
  • Embracing the Morrigan by Stephanie Woodfield The Morrigan is a goddess of hard truths, and I realized that She would not coddle me; I couldn't invoke Her and expect a magical fairy godmother to transform my life. In Her stern face I could see that She would help me throughthe process of change; She would mercilessly make me face my problems - and do the clean-up myself.
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