Rosemary Leaf whole

Rosemary Leaf Whole
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This hearty herb, Rosmarinus officinalis, is native to the Mediterranean region has been cultivated and used in culinary and medicinal properties for centuries. Primarily grown for the kitchen, it has also even seen use in helping to prevent erosion in landscaping as well as a topiary plant that can be sculpted easily to please the eye. In cooking, it possesses somewhat of a strong, bitter taste and is used to add to the taste of many traditional dishes, as well as in an ingredient for herbal tea.  Newlywed couples were also to plant a branch on their wedding day, and if it grew healthily it was to be a good omen. Another common practice of old was to tap one you desired with a rosemary branch, and if it were to blossom you and your desired partner would fall in love.  Others still used rosemary leaves to stuff cloth dolls, and in this manner cure illness or attract a lover.  Rosemary gardens were also aid to ward away the curses and evil spells of others during the mid-ages.   In more modern studies Rosemary has been shown to actually improve memory, though studies also showed recall in these cases to be somewhat slower. Some herbalists also proscribe it to help lower the risk of strokes and neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer`s and Lou Gehrig`s Disease.   This is a 1 pound packet of whole Rosemary Leaf.

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