Quartz Angel Copper Wand

Quartz Angel Copper Wand
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Magic wands are have been ritual tools used to direct magical energy and power within spells and rituals for thousands of years. The Copper Angel wand has been specifically crafted to aid you in channeling energy to aid in summoning angels, or channeling their power within your magic.

To aid with this end, it has been capped on one end with a quartz stone that has been sculpted into the form of a winged angel with its hands clasped before it in prayer. From this, the wand's shaft is a simple, unadorned stretch of copper. This then terminates in a multifaceted quartz point which has been carefully carved with multiple diamond shaped facets so as to create a rounded prism effect, culminating in a delicate point.

Quartz is well known for its ability to store and otherwise help direct and control energy, while copper is believed to be a potent conductor to magical energies as well. Combining these two potent energy conductors makes for a powerful ritual tool indeed. The entire piece measures approximately 6 1/2" long, fitting comfortably in your palm.

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