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This ancient plant has been held as popular among the Native Americans of South America, including the Incas, Aztecs, and Indio tribes of Brazil, and the other indigenous peoples of the South American Rain forests. Roughly translated from Portuguese, the name Pau D'Arco means "Bow Tree and it was indeed used for bows as well as numerous other tools. Natives also held that it was a potent cure for diseases, as well as a tonic for strength and well being, and in treating toothaches and backaches. European settlers observed and adapted these uses, with the usage slowly spreading until it can now be found in health food stores globally.

As a health food supplement, it can be found to have antiviral qualities, as well as possessing the ability to strengthen the immune system, particularly after it has been weakened by disease. In this way, it is currently being tested in treating and aiding in the recovery from AIDS and cancer. Pau d'Arco has also long been a known treatment for Candida and other funguses a well as other skin disorders. Herbal lore has also shown that it was useful in treating polio and influenza, and maintains that it can be of use in treating arthritis, diabetes, liver disease, and venereal and rheumatic disorders.

This is a 1 oz packet of cut Pau d'Arco.

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