Patchouli Leaf Cut

Patchouli Root
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Patchouli is well known as the fragrant herb from which many of our favorite incenses, oils, and perfumes acquire their rich, earthy fragrance. It widely popular within magickal practice for this earthy nature, and is commonly regarded as an herb that can be used readily to invoke the element of earth within your ritual magick. To this end it is great for blessings of prosperity, representing the bounty of the earth. It can also be used in seeking to find balance within your personal energies or seeking otherwise seeking your center.

Patchouli root is naturally even better for this purpose, as it was what connected this plant to the very earth itself. It is fantastic for spells of fertility as well as those seeking to help initiate personal growth. Most popularly it can be used as a powerful addition to money magic, such as spells of money drawing and prosperity.

This is one bundle of patchouli root.

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