Motherwort Cut

Motherwort Cut
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Also commonly known as Lion's Tail due to its likeness, Motherwort (Leonurus cardiac) has a long history within the traditional medical practices of Central Europe, Asia, and North America. Within this practice it is almost exclusively known for its ability to help women who are giving birth, and as such almost certainly acquired its name from the midwives who popularly used it. Motherwort also has a wide range of spiritual associations with fertility and creation.

Some studies have shown that Motherwort can be useful in calming the nervous system, helping to relieve the trauma and stress during child birth. Beyond this, it can also aid in encouraging retractions of the uterus to be synchronized, helping to ease the actually birthing process. Studies beyond the processes of child birth have also explored Motherwort as potentially being a treatment for heart palpitations.

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