Mistletoe Powder

Mistletoe Powder
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Valued in mythology throughout Europe and magical lore, Mistletoe, or Viscum album, is still valued in modern herbalism. In Greece it was believed to be the Golden Bough of Aeneas while further north, the Norse believed it to be Mistletoe that killed Baldr, who was the god of light and beauty. Within Celtic and druidic beliefs, mistletoe is often considered a cure for barrenness in animals, and even a cure for poison. Interestingly, the berries of Mistletoe are, in fact, toxic. In later years, Christians adapted the mythology of Mistletoe within the belief that Mistletoe was a tree used to furnish the cross, and it then shriveled after the crucifixion, becoming a parasitic vine. Magical lore has maintained however that in spells and rituals mistletoe can be used to produce an aphrodisiac effect, or aid in fertility and love. Many also believe that it is quite useful as a sacred form of protection, that can help produce prophetic visions.

Modern herbalism's high regard for powdered Mistletoe holds that it can be useful in treating hypertension and epilepsy. The circulatory and respiratory systems are also treated using the powder, as well as headaches, menstrual problems, and hemorrhages

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