Kyanite Untumbled Stone

Kyanite Untumbled Stones
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A beautiful crystalline formation with a unique, baby-blue coloring, Kyanite is among the few crystals that are known for never needing to be purified or cleansed of negative energy. Much like citrine, they simply do not accumulate or store negative energy, making them a wonderful stone to keep for your ritual practice. Radiating positive energy, it offers a calm and serene mood for those who use it for this purpose, and can also help within crystal healing and magical practice to help balance and align the chakras. Its other wonderful qualities include helping with communication and helping to develop psychic ability. Coming in a bulk 1lb size, this raw, untumbled Kyanite appears with its relatively straight formations that appear almost flakey like mica or slate. Each piece will vary in size from 1/2" long to approximately 3" in size, due to their natural formation.

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