Kahuna Power

Kahuna Power
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You can learn the magical ways of the Kahuna, so powerful are their supernatural powers that it is said they can bring back the dead!

Twenty odd years ago, paranormalist Timothy Green Beckley toured the Hawaiian islands to seek out answers to their deepest mysteries. He spoke with the native Hawaiians about phantom animals, supernatural powers, the existence of invisible beings, helpful spooks, playful spirits, the volcano Goddess Pele who appears in physical form before an eruption as well as the local version of UFOs or ghost lights. Now, after a second trip to the Islands, an updated version of Kahuna Power is being made available to those who wish to enter a seldom glimpsed society and to understand a spiritual system which is still virtually unknown to the outside world. By practicing the ancient occult art of Kahuna Magic, it is said that an individual can attract good health, love, self-esteem, power and enjoy the best things in life.

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