Jericho Flowers

Jericho Flowers
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Selaginella lepidophylla, also known as the Rose of Jericho, the Resurrection Flower, or Jericho Flowers, are so named as they seem to come to life after they die. They survive, curled up dormant and brown and appear to the untrained eye to be dead for years. Once it comes into contact with water that it can find nutrients in, however, it expands and turns green, springing to life and blooming before curling back up when the water is depleted. This cycle can last for years and years, and has given rise to the tradition of keeping one dormant in one's home and bringing it out around Christmas time. During this time, it is watered, and brought to life before it is allowed again to wither with the passing of the holiday. This is said to symbolize Mary's delivery of Christ, and the plant used in this tradition is often passed down through the family over the years.

Outside of Christmas traditions, it is most commonly used in spiritual practices, where it is said to have particular use in love spells, either where one is seeking to bring to life a love that died or create love where there previously was not any. Some herbalists also attribute the Jericho Flower with the ability to purify blood, often helping to ease the symptoms of illnesses and fevers.

This packet contains one Jericho Flower.

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