Gypsy Witch Spells

Gypsy Witchcraft
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Many believe the gypsies to be a mysterious race who possess supernatural powers. There has even been speculation that the various clans originated from outer space and migrated here from beyond the stars, eons ago, trying to mix in (unsuccessfully) with the rest of the world's population. They have their own language, their own lifestyle, their own moral code and travel like nomads from place to place, as if searching for their true home. Outsiders are not welcome. They do not share their occult secrets with others, their knowledge being handed down from generation to generation via oral tradition. Despite these claims the author, Charles G. Leland, was befriended by several gypsy clans after doing truthful, unbiased interviews in various academic journals. Here, he offers to us those secrets he discovered, teaching us with this manual how to practice spells, ceremonies and rituals of Gypsy Witches and how to become a practicing oracle in your own right!

Topics include:

  • Shamanism, Sorcery, Vindictive and Mischievous Magic
  • Charms and Conjurations to Cure and Heal
  • Gypsy Exorcisms
  • A curious old Italian "secret"
  • The Magic Virtues of Garlic
  • Calling upon the spirits of the earth and air
  • Egg lore and egg proverbs
  • To cure or protect animals
  • The recovery of stolen property
  • The haunts and habits of witches
  • Bogeys and Humbugs
  • The principles of Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling
  • Romance Based on Chance or Hope
  • Gypsy Magic Spells and Secret Children's Rhymes
  • Gypsy Witch Amulets
  • Magic by Moonlight at the Crossroads
  • Lilith, The Child Stealer and the Powers of Fairies- Merry, Mad or Sad

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This is a 260 page, soft cover book.

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