Gymnema Sylvestris Powder

Gymnema Sylvestris powder
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Gymnema Sylvestris is a vine-like herb most commonly found within the tropical forests of central and Southern India, where it is also commonly known as Gudmar (Sugar Destroyer in Hindi), or even Miracle Fruit. It is noted for being a large climbing vine that can have a rather sweepingly large expanse. It has been part of Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years, where it is used to treat diabetes and other sugar-based ailments.

Herbalists and Ayurvedic practitioners widely prescribe Gymnema Sylvestris to reduce sugar levels. It is also sometimes used to encourage weight loss, as it can even reduce the taste of sugar and make it less appealing. Some studies have also shown that Gymnema Sylvestris can be used in reducing total cholesterol. Topically, some herbalists will also use Gymnema as an anti-inflammatory.

this is a 1 oz packet of Gymnema Sylvesrtris

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