Guggul Resin Powder

Guggul Resin Powder
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Guggul Resin (Commiphora mukul) has been a popular medicine within Ayurvedic Medicine for centuries. Within this, spiritual practices, and simply to scent the air, Guggul resin has also been widely used as an incense and is often favored for its scent which seems to blend spicy notes with the sweeter aroma of vanilla. This has resulted in it also being known as Common Myrrh, or False Myrrh as well as Guggul Resin also being used within the perfume industry.

In Ayurvedic practice it is occasionally used for aromatherapy but also to increase metabolism and otherwise improve the fat-burning activity of the body. Studies have also shown that it can lower cholesterol as well, helping to reduce risk of heart disease and strokes.


This is a 1 oz packet of Guggul Resin Powder.

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