Granular Gum Benzoin Chunks

Granular Gum Benzoin chunks
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A resin created from the bark of trees within the genus of Styrax, this granular incense, also known as Gum Benzoin, provides a lovely scent that many adore and compare to the aroma of vanilla. This makes it a pleasant incense in your charcoal burners to add to the atmosphere of your home or business. Beyond this, it is also put to use in ritual magick, seeing use as a focus for the energies of other components or in use on its own in spells and magic of communication. During extended rituals it can also help to improve the thought process, with the aroma helping to keep the senses sharp. 1618 Gold brings you this smaller, 1 oz packet, to make it more convenient if you do not possess the storage space for buying in bulk or if you only require enough incense for one ritual or spell.

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