Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt
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Traditionally a component of bath salts, Epsom Salts are well known for their aid in footbaths. However, also known as Hydrated Magnesium Sulfate, Epsom salts are also quite commonly used by gardeners and herbalists in correcting the magnesium deficiency that can sometimes be found in the soil of their gardens. This helps promote more healthy plant life, resulting in stronger plants that tend to be more productive than those that might grow in soil containing such a deficiency, if they grew at all. They are also used in flotation therapy, where they are used effect the density of water and therefore the buoyancy of whatever is placed in it; the salts added to the water help with flotation.

In medicine Epsom Salts are sometimes used as a component in a saline laxative when aiding with constipation. More commonly however it is used in baths to soothe aches and pains and improve coarse, rough skin. Some traditions also hold that it can be a great aid in poultices used to treat blemishes and acne. Similarly, the Salts are sometimes used in created a cream that is used for the removal of blackheads.

This is a 1 lb bag of Epsom Salts.

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