Enchanted Formulary

Enchanted Formulary
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Make your own oils, blends, and fragrances, and make your dreams come true!   The proper oils, blends, and fragrances are central to the practice of Wicca, and essential for many spells, candle magick, mojo bags, ritual bathing, incenses, floor washes, potpourri, anointing sacred objects, and much more. For over thirty years, Wiccan expert Lady Rhea has been creating her own special formulas that she supplies to some of the worlds quintessential Pagan stores. In The Enchanted Formulary, Lady Rhea gives you the recipes that shes perfected over three decades and also shows you where to get some of the harder-to-find ingredients. Some of the 300 blends included are formulas for love; money, luck, and success; healing and personal transformation; and uncrossing and protection. Youll also learn:    The magick of oils  Mixology (how to mix and blend)   Magical application (different uses of oils for magickal purposes)   Popular perfume fragrances today and the their role in magick   Astrological influences on when to blend your oils  The Enchanted Formulary can be easily used on its own or with Lady Rheas The Enchanted Candle, and each recipe comes with detailed information on the origins of the fragrance. The road to self-empowerment begins here!

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