Elemental Pentagram Athame

Elemental Pentagram Athame
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  • Item #: RAK40

This approximately 9" long athame is exquisitely crafted to present an elegant ritual tool. Its approximately 6" long, double-edged blade is unadorned but for a pewter pentagram that is welded to its base, near the hilt. This pentagram is sculpted in fine detail, with five spheres marking its points and representing the four elements and Spirit, which rules over them all. The hilt below this is composed of a rubberized handle, textured to keep it from slipping in your hand and a silver-toned guard and pommel, designed so that the athame will fit comfortably into your hand. This athame comes with a black leather sheath which snaps around the handle to hold it securely in place and can be slipped on to a belt.  NOT FOR SALE IN MASSACHUSETTS.

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Price $34.95