Cotton Resuable Tea Bags Bundle

Cotton Tea Bags Bulk pkg
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End escaping tea problems with these ecological, reusable cloth tea bags! These reusable tea bags are perfect for your own herbal blends as well as those that you might purchase loose. With a drawstring that both holds the herbs tightly in the bag and aids in withdrawing your herbal blend from the hot tea water, it is perfect for those times when you just need sip your tea and relax, and don`t want to keep picking tea leaves from your teeth.   Leave scented detergents and having to clean your bath herbs out of the tub behind in favor of something that will leave all of your friends wondering why you always smell of lilacs, or whatever other fragrance you so choose.   This is a 500 pack of 3" x 5", reusable cotton tea bags. A fantastic bargain for those who like to buy in bulk

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