Complete Tarot Kit

Complete Tarot Kit
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This set provides all that you would need to perform a Tarot reading, whether you have been working with the Tarot for years or are just beginning. Within you will find:   Introduction to Tarot, by Susan Levitt, a book that will explain to you step by step each of the cards of the Arcana.  A tarot journal to document your readings so that you may learn from the spreads you have done.   A full color spread sheet, showing you where to place your cards and in what order.  A quick reference chart, proving for you a quick reminder as to the meaning of cards as you begin.  A deluxe carrying case with a magnetic closure that will help you contain all of your tarot supplies.  Beyond these fantastic tools, the set also contains two of the world`s most popular Tarot decks; the Rider-Waite deck and the Crowley Thoth deck, both of which are perhaps the most favored tools of professional Tarot Readers worldwide.  Containing all of these tools and resources, the prospective Tarot reader and seasoned veteran alike cannot help but to benefit from this set.

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