Complete Book of Traditional Reiki

Complete Book of Traditional Reiki
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 An easy-to-learn form of energy medicine, Reiki is becoming commonplace in such conventional settings as hospitals, hospices, and psychotherapy practices because it relaxes, relieve stress, reduces and eliminates pain, accelerates healing, and helps support the gentle restoration of the body`s natural balance. It is a unique healing art in that it can be learned by anyone, with no special knowledge of anatomy needed. The Complete Book of Traditional Reiki takes the reader step-by-step through a traditional Reiki level I class. It discusses Reiki`s origins and purpose, describes the attunement process by which a student is imbued with the power to channel life-force energy, and gives complete instructions for standard and optional healing hand positions. This updated edition includes new information on the history of Reiki and the Reiki principles and features never-before published photographs and translation of the Usui Memorial in Japan, a tribute to the founder of Usui Reiki.

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