Comfrey Root Cut Cert Org

Comfrey Root Cut Cert Org
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Native to Europe and particularly widespread in Britain and Ireland, the entire Comfrey plant (Symphytum Officinale) is generally revered in folk medicine as an ingredient in a wide range of tonics. It's popular name of "knit bone" speaks for itself, describing the way it was often used of old to help speed the healing of breaks, sprains, fractures, and other such wounds and injury.

Herbalists have traditionally used Comfrey Root in salves that speed healing for hundreds of years, and it is often considered an important part of an herbalist's garden. More recent study has left the use of comfrey for healing purposes as rather controversial however. It has been shown to contain PAs, or a variety of alkaloids believed to potentially cause liver problems.

This is a 1 pound package of certified organic, cut Comfrey Root. Do not ingest.

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