Charmed Athame

Charmed Athame
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  • Item #: RAK35

This approximately 9" long athame offers an approximately 6" long, double-edged blade that is otherwise elegantly unadorned but for the pewter symbol fixed to its base, just above the hilt. There you will find in pewter a Triquetra, set with a raised sphere at it center, forming a delightfully charmed symbol that accents this fine athame`s design.  The hilt beneath his presents a rubberized handle, textured to help keep it from slipping and a silver-toned pommel and guard which are shaped to fit your hand comfortably. This athame comes with a black leather sheath which snaps around the handle to hold it securely in place and can be slipped on to a belt. NOT FOR SALE IN MASSACHUSETTS.

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Price $34.95