Chakras for Beginners

Chakras for Beginners
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 The chakras are spinning vortexes of subtle energy located along the spine. They determine your use of energy and are the batteries for the various levels of your life energy. In most people, the chakras are simply not functioning to their optimum ability.Chakras for Beginners allows you to understand your energy body and let the energy flow!  Your first chakra has to do with insecurities and fears. Exercises in this book show you how to balance them out and overcome your fears.  Your second chakra has to do with pleasure in all of life`s cares. If you feel like life has lost its shine, or your relationship has lost its zing, it`s time to balance out the energy of this chakra. This book shows you how!  Balancing the energy of the third chakra will let you make better decisions. The exercises in this book will reveal the secrets of doing this.  The fourth chakra is about unconditional love. Chakras for Beginners you will learn how to open your heart and discover that the more love you give, the more you will receive.  The fifth chakra has to do with communication. If you suffer from stage fright, this is the chakra that needs to be balanced.  The sixth chakra is about meaning in life, especially spiritual meaning.  The seventh chakra is about absolute surrender to the Divine. By using the techniques in this book you can become happier and more sure of yourself. You can improve your self-image and even have a better love life. Even if you`re not a beginner, you need this book!  Paperback 171 pgs.

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