Celtic Knot Leather Blank Book

Celtic Knot Leather Blank Book
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Framed in intricate borders depicting foliage and leafwork, the Celtic Knot leather blank book features an elaborate pattern of knot work both upon its front and back covers. The Celtic knot, without a beginning and without an end, is a pattern that has come to represent the unending nature of all things, as well as the entwined nature of all things that exist. This makes this leather bound journal a perfect place to put your thoughts after meditation, or during your magical practice, forming your Book of Shadows or magical diary as you seek enlightenment and awareness.

Sandwiched between the book's leather covers are approximately 240 pages of high quality, acid-free paper, made of recycled biomass. They are perfectly suited for accepting charcoal, pen, pencil, or even paint. The book measures approximately 5" by 7".

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