Cedar Tips

Cedar Tips
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Found also under its Latin name of Thuja Plicata, the wood and tips from cedar trees have been famous for their flavoring and preservative properties for ages. Indeed, cedar wood has been utilized in the making of cabinets, garden and pet bedding, closet linings, potpourris, sachets and other such products for thousands of years. Historical documents have show that it was even famously utilized in King Solomon`s Temple in Jerusalem and mentioned in The Iliad, when referring to King Priam`s treasure chambers. Today, we find that the uses for cedar has little changed. Cedar tips in particular are quite commonly used in adding a smoked flavor when used to season fish and meats.  They are also often burned in fires, with the smoke used for meditational and spiritual purposes much akin to those that it was used for in ages past.   This is a 1 oz bag of cedar tips.

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