Cats Claw Root

Cats Claw Root
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 Cat`s Claw Root has been known among the Ashaninka Indians of Peru for thousands of years as a powerful aid to their healing spells and magic. Among them, it is said that "good spirits" live within the plant`s roots, providing magical properties that can help those who use it live more healthily and better fight off illness. The Ashaninka tribal healers seek out these roots, searching among them for the good spirits that dwell within them to provide powerful medicine and magic to their people.   Today, modern scientists have actually verified the findings of the Ashaninka tribes. Though the scientific community does not speak of spirits when they report their findings, they have found that the cat`s claw root possesses numerous alkaloids, some of which are quite potent in aiding the immune system and making it more formidable.  Those that possess these great benefits to your immune system are well known by the Ashaninka, with their tribal healers seeing them as those that are inhabited by Good Spirits.  This is a 2 oz packet of Cat`s Claw Root.

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