Buckeye Whole

Buckeye Whole
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Native to the Midwestern and lower Great Plains, extending into the Nashville Basin, the Buckeyes can be found now in many places where the climate resembles that of its origins, coming from the tree of the same name. Known in Latin as Aesculus Octandra, its use has been found to stem far back, with Native Americans peeling the nut and mashing it into a meal that they called Hetuck. The oils of the Buckeye Nut were also utilized by Native Americans to tan leather. Some have also found that the Buckeye is of use in Hoodoo traditions, where it is said to be a powerful charm when held in one's pocket, helping you in finding more pocket money. This is said to be particularly true if rituals involving the application of mercury and wax are applied to the nut first.

Today, Buckeye nuts are most commonly found in the state of Ohio, for which they are named, and are frequently found adorning college football fans throughout that state. They are however still said to be of great use in helping with rheumatism, and still find themselves being put to use in practices seeking good luck with the opposite sex and attracting money and wealth.

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