Brewers Yeast Flour

Brewer's Yeast Flour
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Popular among vegans and vegetarians, nutritional yeast is perhaps most well known for its flavor, described occasionally as nutty or cheesy, and leaves it as a popular cheese substitute in recipes, or as a condiment. Perhaps notably it is used by vegans in place of parmesan cheese, and is popularly used to top popcorn, potatoes, and tofu or eggs. Used for much the same purpose globally, Nutritional Yeast is also known in Australia by the name of Savory Yeast, leaving it well known by that name as well. Among nutritionists, herbalists, and dietitians, Nutritional Yeast is well known as a fantastic source of protein and B-complex vitamins. It is most widely prescribed for the fact that it is a reliable source of Vitamin B12, and is therefore great for those who are deficient in that vitamin. For those on strict diets it is also naturally quite low in fat and sodium. 1 oz

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