Book of Abramelin

Book of Abramelin
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Commonly referred to in magical circles as "the Abramelin," this 15th-century text of Jewish magic has come back, in its most complete form, to light the way for those who are brave and committed enough to channel the energies of the spiritual world and give harmony a chance to flourish.

Over 100 years ago, S.L. MacGregor Mathers, magician and member of The Golden Dawn esoteric order, introduced The Book of Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage to Western magicians. It was soon acclaimed as one of the few genuine magic books known to exist, a book with powers in and of itself, not just another collection of spells of dubious provenance. For over a century the Abramelin has served as an important part of every serious magician's library, for it presents a program of self-purification and initiation for achieving The Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. What most magicians and historians did not realize until now was that the French manuscript Mathers translated was an incomplete and inaccurate rendition of the original German Manuscripts.

As if guided by a mystical force, Georg Dehn followed a series of synchronistic events to find the extant editions of the original Abramelin, and from them he has distilled the most correct version to date. Here he combines his esoteric knowledge with that of Steven Guth's to create a new English text that is readable for modern-day seekers and yet preserves the ambience of Abraham's time. Those familiar with Mathers's edition will note some rather startling differences: an additional book of practical spells that was left out of the French translation, important distinctions in the Abramelin operation, and magical squares that were either incomplete or transposed incorrectly in the French manuscript.

Georg Dehn's and Steven Guth's Book of Abramelin marks a milestone in the transmission of magical wisdom, the restoration of a work of utmost importance. This special edition contains more than a magical text, it is a compelling combination of two quests, one ancient and one modern: The first is Abraham's tale of finding the mage, Abramelin, and learning from him the Secret and the Wisdom. The second is Dehn's quest, how he discovered the sources of the work and followed in Abraham's footsteps, both exoteric in traveling to Egypt in search of Abramelin's hermitage, and esoteric, as his studies brought about his personal transformation. Dehn ponders many interesting themes and questions: What are the parallels between Abraham's time and ours? Was Abramelin an actual person? Is he the key to Abraham's true identity, a famous rabbi who wished, in a time when Jews were feared and persecuted, to keep his true abilities hidden? Who is Lamech, the son to whom Abraham gave his magical wisdom? What are some of the practical applications for the magic word squares? Georg Dehn's research into the identities of Abraham von Worms and Abramelin the mage also goes a long way toward laying to rest the debates in Jewish scholarly circles over the authenticity of this text.

This is a 268 page hardcover book.

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